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We are a small golden retrievers‘ kennel located in the west part of the Czech Republic (Central Europe). Our kennel has its own registration (No.: 976/16) under FCI since November 2016. We are members of two retriever clubs in Czech Republic – Retriever Club CZ and KCHLS.

Both our kennel and our dogs are registered for breeding under the club KCHLS.

The most important thing for our breeding is to focus on the correct care of our puppies, adults or older dogs. This has an effect on many important things in breeding. Besides other things, we also focus on standard temperament of dogs and puppies, which is typical for Golden retriever breed and which we try to hold and develop in dogs (for example hunting abilities). We give our dogs as much time, care and attention as possible. So plenty of quality walks, regular veterinarian visits, dog shows, active hunting training or just simply playing or cuddling. All of our dogs live with us in our house, they are our friends and companions but more importantly our family. We do not support permanent outside kennels for dogs or breeding of golden retrievers in outside kennels. Our puppies grow up in our family and home environment.

Our dogs have their breeding licences under the club KCHLS and they fulfill all necessary conditions, including health, exterior and hunting results. Almost all our dogs are very successful show dogs, especially at prestigious shows abroad and some of them are also truly passionate hunting dogs. For us it is important they are not just successful show dogs, but also powerful hunting dogs who love to do what they were originally bred for.

They also have many health DNA tests, which are not requested from our club, but we consider them very important for our breeding – prcd-PRA, GR_PRA 1, GR_PRA 2, ICT – A. We also visit a veterinarian specialist every year who do ophthalmological examination including gonio.

For our future breeding plans we only select genetically tested stud dogs of excellent health condition, typical golden retriever character, natural abilities for retrieving and last but not least, with an attractive pedigree.

Our breeding goal is that our puppies will have a typical temperament of a golden retriever together with an attractive pedigree and also prerequisites for super health and excellent exterior.
The most important thing is that they will make someone very happy in the same way as our dogs make us..

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