Golden retriever - Camian's

Golden retriever

Golden retriever puppies

We plan litters from Olivia and Grace, both due Winter/Spring 2023.

Zlatý retriever Camian's Bothile Camian's
Bothile Camian's “Olivia”

Zlatý retriever Camian's Anoinette Camian's
Antoinette Camian’s “Grace”

We plan last litter from Maddie due Summer 2023.

Zlatý retriever Madame Bovary du Bois de la Rayer
Madame Bovary du Bois de la Rayere "Maddie"

In these litters we focus on typical golden retriever loving & easy going temperament, on excellent health results including genetics tests of parents and last but not least, on beautiful exterior. We do not sell puppies to owners/breeders, where a dog is not a full member of family. We do not support keeping golden retrievers constantly in outside kennels.

In case you are interested in a puppy from our planned litters, do not hesitate to contact us and ask us for more information.

Golden retriever puppies

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