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Golden Retriever puppies

10.12. 2023

Bothille Camian’s – brand new Czech Champion!

We spent last show weekend of the year at International CACIB Show in Prague. We are more than happy to say that Olivia showed truly her socks off and made it all the way in a lovely competition to two class wins with double CAC & reserve CACIB. Therefore Olivia finished her Czech Champion title in style!

Bothille Camian’s - working class: Excellent 1st CAC, reserve CACIB/VG/Excellent 1st CAC
Fulfilled conditions for Czech Champion .

Congratulations to Eddie (Edouard Camian’s) and his owner Lucie, who made great job especially on Friday, when Eddie won a lovely class too and became candidate of Czech Champion. Hopefully the last point isn’t too far for you two now! We are very proud of you!

Judges: Daila Rocchi (HR), Christiane Lohmann (DE), Nataša Davidovič (SRB)

Bothille Camian’s and Edouard Camian’s

6.12. 2023

Welcome little Ayra!

It’s time to tell the world that she stays.. Having one day our Maddie’s daughter has always been our breeding dream. It was Maddie’s very last litter, so it was kind of a must to keep such a special little girl.

Jolie Môme Camian’s „Ayra“
born September 19th 2023
Sire: MultiCh, VetCh Meiepere Scottish Fiction, imp. Estonsko
Matka: C.I.B., C.I.E., MultiCh, GrandCh, JCh Madame Bovary du Bois de la Rayere, imp. Francie

Million thanks again to Scotty’s owners for making Maddie’s very last litter to become a reality and for all your help, kind words and support during past weeks. It’s been a pleasure and honour to have these special puppies and we will do our very best with Ayra to not dissapoint you.

Jolie Môme Camian’s „Ayra“

5.11. 2023

Portraits and stand photos of litters „I“ & „J“!

All the puppies grow so nicely, follow the page Litters to see more photos!

Maddie and her puppies

23.10. 2023

Club Show of Retriever Club, Královice

A little breakaway from our puppies, we had a nice day at a lovely show venue. Both registered girls did really well and both got very lovely critiques from Finnish judge.

Tashora Coppermoon Christmas Carol – junior class: Excellent
Bothille Camian’s – working class: Excellent 3rd

Judge: Kati Heiskanen (FIN)

Tashora Coppermoon Christmas Carol – 9 months old

1.10. 2023

Welcome litters „I“ and „J“!

We are very happy and pleased to make an announcement that both our expected litters made it safely to this worl and all are doing just well! Kerry & Maddie are amazing mums and look adter their litters with so much love and attention.

Huge thanks to both owners of Odin & Scotty for making these litters possible!



14.9. 2023

Charleston Camian’s presented at GRCA Golden Retriever National Specialty in Albany, Oregon (USA)!

Chazz comes from our litter by Olivia and Tristan and he just loves being shown! Massive thanks to his owner Michelle Vinall for the best possible care, he is enormously spoilt & loved and to Heidi Gervais for beautiful handling & presentation!



In September 2023 we expect litter "I" by Kerry and litter "J" by Maddie.

Golden Retriever puppies
Golden Retriever puppies

3.9. 2023

Edouard Camian’s is yet another offspring with Working certificate!

We are very proud of Eddie and his owner Lucie, who made their very best and passed Autumn Field Trial (KPZ, CACT) organised by Czech Retriever Club. Eddie worked so well and hard trainings have finally paid off. Huge congratulations to you both, you are a great team together and just keep doing such a great job!

Eddie is also available as a stud dog with his very best health results. In case you are interested in him, feel free to ask his owner Lucie.

Edouard Camian’s s Luckou

29.8. 2023

Garon Camian’s at the World Dog Show in Geneva!

We are very happy to share show success of one of our offspring with you. Garon showed himself to perfection in Switzerland and in such a strong competition of lovely dogs managed to win Open class at the first show day of WDS circuit in Geneva and the other show days made a shortlist. Therefore Garon became a candidate for Swiss Champion & Swiss Show Champion. Thank you, Olena, for keep doing such a great job with him and for looking after him that well. We are very proud of you all!

23.8. Grand Prix de Genève
Garon Camian’s - open class: Excellent 1st, CAC

Judge: Michael Gruber (SUI)

24.8. WDS Specialty of Swiss Retriever Club
Garon Camian’s - open class: Excellent, shortlisted

Judge: Inga Siil (EE)

25.8. World Dog Show
Garon Camian’s - open class: Excellent, shortlisted

Judge: Henric Fryckstrand (SWE)

Garon Camian’s

30.7. 2023

German Winner Show in Gelsenkirchen!

It was truly lovely to be back in Germany, where we had much fun and we are pleased with our results so far. Ron showed himself well again and becomes a candidate of yet another adult champion title at his tender age of 19 months - German VDH Champion! For Ginny it was very first experience with such a long trip, so she was a bit tired, but still did a lovely job too. Congratulations to all the winners!

Hufflepuff Camian’s - working class: Excellent 2nd, reserve CAC Club & VDH
Tashora Coppermoon Christmas Carol - puppy class: Very Promising 1st

Judge: Hilary Male (UK)

21.7. 2023

Few photos of Ginny, Kerry and Ron from our lovely photo shoot in the poppy field!

4.7. 2023


We are delighted with our shows results again. Last few weekends we have spent at shows and we are happy to say that all did an amazing job! Ron becomes at his tender age of 18 months a candidate for already two adult champions and Ginny managed to win her very first Best in Show title – BIS Minor Puppy. She seems to enjoy herself at shows a lot. We are so very proud of our show team!

17.-18.6. Club Show of Retrievers – Retriever Club CZ Namest na Hane
Hufflepuff Camian’s – junior class: Excellent 2nd / Excellent 3rd
Tashora Coppermoon Christmas Carol – minor puppy class: Very Promising 1st / Very Promising 1st, Best Minor Puppy in Show

Judges: Rikke Ladefoged Wind (DK), Anne-Berith Waskaas (NO), Darina Mervová

25.6. International CACIB Show Szczecin (Poland)
Hufflepuff Camian’s – working class: Excellent 1st, CWC/CAC, Best Working dog in Breed
Georgine Alene Camian’s – intermediate class: Excellent 2nd

Judge: Laura Cox (IRL)

1.7. National CAC Show Klatovy
Hufflepuff Camian’s – working class: Excellent 1st, CAC
Tashora Coppermoon Christmas Carol – puppy class: Very Promising 1st
Georgine Alene Camian’s – intermediate class: Excellent 2nd, reserve CAC
Fleur Camian’s – open class: Excellent 3rd

Judge: Bozena Ovesna

Tashora Coppermoon Christmas Carol – BIS puppy

Hufflepuff Camian’s

16.6. 2023


Anthonio, our very first golden retriever has his incredible 14th Birthday today. The photo was taken yesterday when we went for an early morning swim to the lake. He enjoyed it a lot, as always, and he will hopefully have a good health & happy mood for many more yours. We love to the moon and back!

Happy Birthday to all siblings, even those who are already over the rainbow bridge.

Vet. Ch Anthonio z Borových lesů *16.6. 2009
(Bastien z Makových dvorů x Wekra z Vlčích luk)

11.6. 2023

Regional All Breeds Open Show in Rokycany!

What a lovely and successful day we have had. This show is not far from home and during the years it has become our tradition. We are very pleased with our results, we are extremely pleased with appearance of our offspring Heidi (daughter of our Norah).

She was for the very first time showed by us and did such a fab job! She managed to win the most lovely class of the day. Many thanks to her owners for all the care and for giving her her dream home.
Hufflepuff Camian’s – working class: Excellent 1st, Working class Winner
Tashora Coppermoon Christmas Carol – minor puppy class: Very Promising 1st, Minor puppy class Winner
Georgine Alene Camian’s – intermediate class: Excellent 1st, Intermediate class Winner, Best female – Regional Winner
Fleur Camian’s – open class: Excellent 1st, Open class Winner

Judge: Olga Dolejsova

29.5. 2023

We did it! We have a new champion over here!

We are very happy to announce that Jacob collected his last needed point, so he is another Czech Show Champion bred by us. He is already third champion from our very first litter „A“! Huge congratulations to the owners and thank you for keeping our offspring in such a good shape and condition!

27.5. International CACIB Show Litomerice
Hufflepuff Camian’s – junior class: Excellent 3rd
Edouard Camian’s – open class: Excellent
Allesy Camian’s – working class: Excellent 2nd, reserve CAC (counts as a full CAC)
Fulfilled conditions for Czech Show Champion title.

Judge: Stefan Mitrevski (MKD)

Edouard Camian’s

Allesy Camian’s

23.5. 2023

Happy Birthday Grace, Zara, Norah and Oli!

Due April and May we have many reasons for celebration. Our very first litter „A“ from our beloved Norah & Dutch handsome Noah celebrates already 6th Birthday as well as our English setter girl 3rd Birthday, Norah already 9th Birthday (time really flies) and Olivia 4th Birthday. We wish you all the very best – lots of health, happiness, cuddles & treats!

20.5. 2023

Great day at Jubilee Show in Markt Bibart!

We always like to come back to this show, always well organised at a lovely show groung. Our results were today definitely more than we hoped for.. Kerry becomes a candidate for German VDH & GRC Champion!

Club Show of Retrievers Markt Bibart (GRC)
Hufflepuff Camian’s – junior class: Excellent 1st, JCAC-VDH, JCAC-GRC,
Jugendsieger Mittelfranken 2023
Tashora Coppermoon Christmas Carol – baby class: Very Promising 3rd
Georgine Alene Camian’s – intermediate class: Excellent 1st, CAC-VDH, CAC-GRC

Judge: Teresa Foreman (UK)

17.5. 2023

Another fab working result of Ron!

Ron’s second appearance in the field and this time we got much better having passed the Club Autumn Field Trial in first prize and ended up on lovely 11th place from 24 registered dogs. Ron keeps doing a great job and we are more than happy with him! He simply enjoys it a lot and it’s a joy to watch him at such a tender age.

13.5. 2023

Welcome Ginny!

Canada has simply become a place, where dreams do come true. Here she is, our Canadian frozen miracle, special daughter of our precious boy, brilliantly reared at Tashora’s. Cannot express with words how grateful we are to Tashora’s breeder – Louise Battley for how greatly she handled everything from mating of Laney with Iggy’s frozen semen to rearing such a special litter of 6. Ginny comes from Iggy’s 50th sired litter and she means the world to us. We are forever grateful to Louise that she has chosen Iggy for Laney and that she later entrusted this little miracle to us. Mother Laney is a beautiful example of the breed standard with character you just love from the first moment you meet her, including very special pedigree.

Last, but not least, huge thanks goes also to Shannon Flynn (Coppermoon Golden Retrievers), without whom the semen wouldn’t even be imported and stored in Canada and overal for being part of that dream. Very much appreciated as without that we wouldn’t have her! We will do our best to make you proud and we will cherish these precious breeding lines of you two.

Tashora Coppermoon Christmas Carol „Ginny“
* 24. 12. 2022, import Canada
(Iker du Bois de la Rayere x Coppermoon Tashora Memory Lane)

Zlatý retriever Hufflepuff Camian’s
Tashora Coppermoon Christmas Carol „Ginny“

29.4. 2023

Ron gains his working certificate at 16 months of age!

Our super talented young boy has today passed his very first working exam – Retriever Club Autumn Field Trial (CACT, CCT). Ron had to face to many very new situations and experiences, the day was pretty long for him and we have so many things still to learn and improve. We are very pleased with his overall appearence in the field and his passion to work. Ron finished his working exam in third prize as second youngest from 24 registered dogs with 179 points, which gives him also his Working certificate.

Zlatý retriever Hufflepuff Camian’s Zlatý retriever Hufflepuff Camian’s
Hufflepuff Camian’s

27.4. 2023

Clear eyes for Jacob & Annie!

Our offspring Jacob (Allesy Camian’s) and Annie (Britha Camian’s) went for their annual eyes examination including gonio and both of them got the very best result back – free of hereditary eyes diseases – ECVO Clear!
We are very proud of you and send you many warm congratulations!

27.3. 2023

Iker du Bois de la Rayere celebrates his 10th Birthday!

Words can’t express how much we love him and how much he means to all of us. Just once in a lifetime boy and he perfectly knows it too. No need to say that he is extremely spoilt and he loves from all his Birthday presents this huge octopus the most! Here is to many more happy and healthy years together.

Zlatý retriever

23.3. 2023

Camian’s litter „CH“ is 9 weeks old and it’s time to say goodbye!

Time flies and it’s time to say goodbye. These weeks were filled with love and happiness with these three sweet ones. We did our best to find for you loving forever homes and already look forward to follow your steps in the future! Many thanks to Tristan’s owner Magda for a lovely visit and for capturing our fluffly teddy bears at the age of 9 weeks. Much appreciated! You will find more photos in the section Litters.

Zlatý retriever
Charlotte Camian’s – 9 weeks

22.3. 2023


We are very pleased to announce that sweet young boy Eddie from our litter „E“ by Iggy & Amy has successfully fulfilled all conditions for having his breeding license. Eddie has the very best health results as well as much potential for shows and work. He has done really a wonderful job in the show ring recently, being a candidate for Polish and Slovakian Champion, International Show Champion and International Beauty Champion. Many thanks to his owner Lucie for looking after Eddie that well and for giving him his dream home. He is enormously spoilt and love dat yours. We are very proud of you and we will always be for doing such a fantastic job with him.

Zlatý retriever Eddie Camian's

18.3. 2023

International CACIB Show Graz – Unterpremstätten (Austria)

Hufflepuff Camian’s – junior class: Excellent 2nd
Antoinette Camian’s – working class: Excellent 1st, CAC

Judge: Romana Kastlunger (AT)

20.2. 2023


Olivia’s & Tristan’s puppies will be 5 weeks soon, so they had their first time in the garden today in lovely spring weather! They totally loved their very first time outside together with their mummy Olivia.

Zlatý retrívr štěňata Zlatý retrívr štěňata

1.2. 2023


We are very happy to announce arrival of these super sweet little chunks! On January 17th Olivia gave birth to four big puppies, sadly one puppy boy didn’t make it into this world and was born as an angel. We are very grateful for having two puppy boys and one puppy girl. All are doing so well, growing so nicely.

Zlatý retrívr štěňata

23.1. 2023


First shows of the year and what wins for us. If someone would have told us that we will start a new show year with Grace and Ron in the way we actually did, I would hardly believe it. Absolutely unexpected wins are always the best ones! Grace is now our very first homebred International Champion, which is definitely a very special moment for all of us here at Camian’s. Winning a group at the International CACIB Show in Poland is also something you simply don’t experience every day. Dreams do come true and definitely moments that will be last forever…

International CACIB Show Genk – HKV – Ambiorixtrofee (Belgium)
Hufflepuff Camian’s – junior class: Excellent 1st, CACIB-J, Ambiorix Junior Winner 2023
Antoinette Camian’s – working class: Excellent 1st, double CAC, CACIB,
Ambiorix Winner 2023, Best Female, BOB, BIG 3

Judge: Suncica Lazic (SRB)

International CACIB Show Legnica/Lubin (Poland)
Hufflepuff Camian’s – junior class: Excellent 2nd
Antoinette Camian’s – champion class: Excellent 1st, CWC/CAC,
CACIB, Best Female, BOB, BIG

Judges: Boguslawa Szydlowicz-Polanczyk, Mariola Zuchlinska (PL)

Antoinette Camian’s – BOB & 3rd BIG at Ambiorixtrofee in Belgim

Antoinette Camian’s – BOB & BIG at Int. CACIB Show in Polan


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